Watchland makes side-loading watchfaces on the Gear S2 really simple

Qucikly and easily Sideload .gwd watchfaces on your Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch with a new Android app called Watchland. No need to be a Tizen Expert now ;-)
May 24, 2016

Sideload with watchland

The Gear S2 is unarguably one of the better designed and good looking smartwatch available in the market. Given that its been around for a while now, the third party development community are slowly stepping up their ante with interesting apps, utilities and more importantly watchfaces. There are tonnes of watchfaces available right now for the Gear S2 on the Galaxy apps store, however there are tonnes more out there in the crude .gwd format. Until now, the process of side-loading these .gwd watchfaces on to the Gear S2 was pretty complex with the users having to tinker around with a PC (full process here).

Now, a watchface designing team going by the name Daragon Technology have come with an android app called Watchland which makes the process of side-loading watchfaces on to the Gear S2 extremely simple without the need of a PC. The app, which is currently in beta, has some neat features like a built in browser that takes you to third party watchface collections, alternatively you can even side-load .gwd files by placing them in your phone's storage. As mentioned earlier, since the app is still in beta it is far from perfect but given some time, the devs will certainly come up with a stable apk.



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