Developer: Next Tizen Online Community Meeting: 11 July 2016, Join the Fun !

The next Tizen Developer Community online meeting will take place 11 July 2016. Read on for further information on how you can join and contribute.
Jun 26, 2016

In order for a community to grow it is good to periodically meet, either in person or online. As meeting in person isn't always practical, as the case with a global community, we need to do things differently. This is were online meetings come in.

The tool of choice for us is Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and you can use your favourite client to join the discussions.

IRC Links


Tizen Community Meeting

The Next Community Meeting is scheduled to take place on 11 July 2016 at 15:00 UTC. You can check what your local time is by following this link. There is no special format for this meeting and the topic of discussion will be Unity3D.


You can find further details here.
Thanks for the Information Philippe Coval.

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