Game: Control Tower For Samsung Z1 And Z3 Available in Tizen Store

Jun 26, 2016


Control Tower Game

Good news, one of my favourite games Control Tower has been released in the Tizen Store for Samsung Z1 and Samsung Z3, where you need to guide aeroplanes, helicopters, aircraft to their landing zone, without letting them collide. This action game is developed by game dev Bojan Skaljac, and download size is only 3.48mb. Overall the game play is pretty good and very addictive, but the down side is that in the free version we can only play one level out of 4.


Guide the Aircraft to their landing zones and above all do not let them collide! This is a game that you will need a good strategy and fast fingers to draw flight paths and keep the chaos under control.


  • Classic game mode with 6 different planes and helicopters
  • Online High Scores
  • Countless hours of addictive gameplay
  • #1 Tizen Air Traffic Controller game


Screen shots


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