iNels Home Control App Released for the Samsung Gear S2

iNels Home Control App has been released for the Samsung Gear S2. iNELS (intelligent Electro-installation system) is a home automation system.
Jun 30, 2016


iNels Home Control App for Gear S2

The iNELS system (intelligent Electro-installation System) is a product that was developed in the Czech Republic by the company ELKO EP that specialise in home automation. You can control heating, lighting, switches, door access system, video camera, and music. The system also allows you access to control relay switches so this expands the number of devices you can Integrate with. You only need an Internet connection to be able to connect remotely from anywhere in the world.

Previously you could connect to the system using your phone, tablet or a TV, but now you can the iNELS HOME CONTROL app that has been released for the Samsung Gear S2. Being able to control "stuff" from your smartwatch and not having to get your smartphone out of your pocket is truly liberating. This app does not require that it is paired to a smartphone to function and can work independently.



Boris Kamenický, the business development manager of company ELKO EP in Holešov, describes controlling the house with a watch: "Great news for those who don´t want to hold their mobile phone in their hands. You will see the advantages during sport or driving and etc. You can going through the house by only turning one small wheel and after that by one click to display you will confirm the choice. You will be delighted either for the opportunity to change the intensity of lights and it’s only by small wheel. In the center of the watch is the value of the actual light intensity and also there is the option to choose color of the lights through the value of color R, G and B."




  • Switching on / off the appliances, sockets
  • Automatic timing function
  • Dimming of the lights and setting the color
  • Controlling the garage doors, gates, barriers and shutters
  • The function scenes for a group command
  • Intuitive and simple to use in a combination of touch display and motion wheel on Samsung Gear S2
  • Settings is carried by applying iNELS Home Control iHC-MARF directly or via a web interface smart RF box eLAN-RF
  • The control does not need  to have the smart phones, the watches work independently




Manual (Czech language)


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