Leaked Images of the Samsung Gear S3 appear online

The Samsung Gear S2 was a great smartwatch, but now we have come across some leaked images of the Samsung Gear S3. Are there real? Check them out.
Jun 20, 2016

The Gear S2 has been a great smartwatch, but now its time for its sequel, the Samsung Gear S3. So far we are pretty certain that it will launched at IFA 2016 and a 'super-luxury' version will be unveiled at Baselworld 2017 in March next year.

Now we have come across a couple of online leaked images that claim to offer the first glimpse of S3. The Smartwatch has a circular display, which isn't much of a surprise, and what seems to be a larger more chunkier bezel. We did hear the next Gear Smartwatch will offer a larger display and be a bit more 'substantial' so this seems to fit.



Roll on IFA 2016 and we can check out the device for ourselves 😉

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