Samsung to Invest $1.2 Billion on IoT and R&D in the US

Jun 25, 2016

The Vice Chairman & CEO Dr. Oh-Hyun Kwon of Samsung unveiled today the companies vision for ‘Human-Centered IoT,’, which also included a strategy to spend $1.2 billion over 4 years for U.S.-based Internet of Things (IoT) R&D and investments. As we know Samsung will be utilising Tizen as the underlying technology that will be developed in as many Samsung products as possible.

The news was delivered as part of a speech at the Samsung-hosted forum in Washington, D.C. entitled Internet of Things: Transforming the Future. The event attempted to get the dialogue going between policymakers and influencers in order to discuss how IoT can benefit society and how to bring to to scale, with a human-centered approach.

“I am excited to show how we are moving IoT to the center of our strategy and am delighted to announce that Samsung is planning to spend $1.2 Billion in U.S.-centered IoT investments and R&D over the next 4 years,” said Vice Chairman Kwon.

IoT, just like humans, needs to be at the centre of what is done with technology. We will see changes in all aspects of life which includes the Smarthome, which Samsung has many products that are available to purchase, as well as healthcare.


“If we want innovators everywhere to make use of IoT, we must make sure all tools are open to them. This means technologies that connect to each other, because we know that boundaries around technologies hold back innovation and scale,” the Vice Chairman said.

Vice Chairman Kwon stated that we not only required a ‘human-centered’ approach, but we also need to be open and ready to collaborate. IoT by its very nature is connected and interwoven and therefore collaboration is vital to promoting this level of openness and interconnection.

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