​Samsung to offer Cloud Services with Joyent purchase

Jun 20, 2016

Samsung has officially joined the 'cloud fray' by acquiring US cloud vendor Joyent, a US-based public and private cloud provider, which will allow the company to have its own cloud platform to support mobile, IoT, and software services to compete with the likes of Microsoft, Google, Amazon and IBM.

Previously the lack of cloud software support has been seen as the company's achilles heel and the reason it could not compete with other companies with established cloud offerings. Samsung has tried to create its cloud platform itself without much luck but buying the expertise off the shelf could be a smart move.

"Samsung evaluated a wide range of potential companies in the public and private cloud infrastructure space with a focus on leading-edge scalable technology and talent," said Injong Rhee, CTO of Samsung's mobile business, in a statement.

Joyent's technology will allow Samsung to scale its own cloud infrastructure and services, the company said. The US firm's portfolio of container-native infrastructure, object storage, server-less computing, and Node.js will help the Korean tech giant meet consumer needs, it added.

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