Super Bezel adds more grip to the Gear S2 Sport like on the Classic

Introducing the Super Bezel, an after-market accessory for your Gear S2. Makes it a bit more grippy and cosmetically similar to the Classic. Grip one now!
Jun 30, 2016

The good thing about owning popular gadgets is the amount of aftermarket third party accessories you get to spend all your money on. The Gear S2 is no different in this case. We have seen wrist straps and even adapters to use standard wrist straps for the Gear S2 in the past. But the accessory we spotted today will probably give Samsung the 'why didn't I think of this before?' kind of feeling. Make way for the Super Bezel - An adhesive add-on accessory to the Gear S2's unique rotating bezel.

The rotating bezel on the Gear S2 sport has a smooth finish to it making gripping the bezel to control the smartwatch a bit slippery at times with wet hands. The Super Bezel's texture is similar to that of the classic edition's bezel with more added grip that adds more friction to it while rotating and hence this accessory is intended only for the Gear S2 sport edition as the Gear S2 classic's rotating bezel comes pre-equipped with it. Applying the Super Bezel seems to be a very easy process, just peel off the protective film and stick it over the bezel of the smartwatch. Durability however might be a concern since it is adhesive based, but that's a good thing if you happen to not like it as removing it will be easy.

The Super Bezel is currently available for just $8.50 on ebay. Head over and get a grip!



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