Video: How to use Watchland on you Gear S2

Watchland app for the Gear S2 lets you install thousands of FREE watch faces on your Samsung smartwatch. Learn how to download, install and configure it
Jun 1, 2016


Watchland app

There are many apps that we come across for review and sometimes they are a little special, as in the case for Watchland for the Samsung Gear S2. You can use this app to Install thousands of FREE watchfaces on your Gear S2 in minutes!

There has been some confusion as to how to find, install and use the app on your Android device, so here is a little video that takes you through these fundamental steps.

Get the watchland app on your phone

It has been reported that the app doesn't always show up in search results and so there is an alternative way to find it:

  • Launch Samsung Gear Manager
  • Samsung Galaxy Apps
  • Select Category
  • Select Watch faces
  • Select Free
  • Scroll down to Watchland
  • Install the app
  • Notification to install the associated Android app, click ok

Once the Android app is Installed you need to configure it slightly:

  • Gear Manager
  • Watch faces
  • Select Watch land
  • Open the standalone Android watchland app
  • Login
  • Select publically shared watchfaces
  • Install



Check out the video below that will take you through the steps detailed above:


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