Video: Getting Started with Samsung Gear Fit 2

Jun 30, 2016


Tizen based Gear Fit 2

We've had an exciting time of late with two Tizen based fitness activity trackers that have been announced recently, the Gear Fit 2 and Gear Icon X earphones. The Gear Fit 2, as the name suggests, is this years updated model of last years Gear Fit, but now it runs TIZEN opposed to a Real Time Operating System (RTOS). This version of Tizen is said to be light weight and fast enough to replace the previous RTOS and allow Samsung to use one OS across its wearable portfolio.



The Gear Fit 2 now has GPS functionality, as well as a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM), that can track fitness activities like running and riding a bike. You can also now track activities like the number of steps that you take and stairs climbed. This seems to be a hit with office workers that are sacrificing the lift in their fitness quest, but want to know what the returns are. Like the Gear S2 you get a wireless magnetic cradle that allows you to charge the device wire-free.

You can use the new fitness tracker with the Gear Manager app that is used to connect a smartphone to Samsung's other smartwatches such as the Gear, Gear 2, Neo, S, and S2. Once connected users are able to log and synch their workouts with the cloud using Samsung's S-Health app.

Getting started with the Gear Fit 2

Now, a video has been released by Samsung that demonstrates how you are able to get started with the Fit 2.


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