Samsung Tizen Based Air Purifier AX7500 & AX5500 Launched

Jun 19, 2016


First Generation of Tizen Air Purifiers

Samsung have announced a couple of Air purifiers as part of their 2016 range with model numbers AX7500 and AX5500. These are not your everyday ordinary Air purifiers as they have been designed to evaluate and purify the air in an Intelligent manner. This is another example of Samsung implementing Tizen in their home appliances.


They feature a Smart detection and display system, five layer purification, three directional air output, and powerful dual fans. The combination of this technology enables the unit to confirm that you have in-fact achieved clean air. There is also a E-charger particle filtration system that charges the air and attracts the dust particles.

  • A 6-step end-to-end design for superior purification
  • Wi-fi control
  • Real-time filter monitor
  • An E-charger that increases filter life for up to two times


The units can filter:

  • General house dust
  • Ultrafine dust
  • Formaldehyde
  • Animal Dander


Smart Features

The units are controllable through your smartphone and let you gauge indoor and outdoor air quality. You are also informed to the condition of your Air Filter and also alerted to when you need to change the Air Filter. You can also control the units remotely so you will be able to turn it on before you arrive home, making sure you arrive to a air purified home. You will also be able to control these devices through your Samsung 2016 SUHD TV.


“Any typical home or apartment could see reductions in indoor concentrations of airborne particles when using a highly efficient filter like the one used in the Samsung air purifier. The beneficial effects seen with the filtration system are broadly applicable to all populations across the globe.” said Prof. Kari Nadeau, a professor of pediatrics and medicine in Stanford University.


Samsung have teamed up with Stanford University to verify the positive effects of Samsung’s air purifiers. As shown in the chart below, there were dramatic reductions in microparticles, dust mites, and even germs and bacteria:



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