Watchmaster App Released for Tizen on the Gear S2

The watchmaster app was previously available for Android wear but has now been released for the tizen based Samsung gear s2, with over 200+ watchfaces.
Jun 27, 2016

WatchMaster features a collection of 200+ high quality and unique watch face designs that up to now have been available for Android wear devices, but have now finally been released for the Tizen based Gear S2.

The company has many capable designers, such as Liongate, Pluto, Excalibur and Monostone that create a wide variety of watchfaces that include: Analog to illustration, moonphase, ambient and animation design. If your looking some aesthetically pleasing watches to enhance your individuality then they are definitely worth a look.


You can use the watchmaster app in order to find watchfaces that have been added to their catalogue and send them to the Gear S2. Most of the watchfaces support ambient mode and also further customisations. There are a limited amount of free watchfaces and of course the rest are paid for. There is a PRO option that allows you FULL access to all watchfaces.


How to use watchmaster

In order for you to install Watchmaster watch faces you need to Install the app on your Android phone as well as the Gear S2.



1) How to install and configure WatchMaster app at phone.

Launch the Google play store and search for Watchmaster. Then, you can download our app. Follow the modules in the sequence listed below.


2) How to apply WatchMaster for Gear S2 version at Gear S2

Now, let’s install WatchMaster for Gear S2 version for the smooth operation. Follow each step below. After setup is complete, you can see ‘WatchMaster Emblem’ soon at the last of list in the select mode of watchface. Lastly, select ‘WatchMaster’ for your watchface at Gear S2.


3) Connection with WatchMaster app and Gear S2

First, choose your favorite watchface. Then, you can check your watchface changed. If you get a connection error, check on connection with device.
*How to check your connection with device at WatchMaster app.
: Menu > Settings > Your Watch Device


The ‘Subscribe to PRO’ version offers limited time sale until July. It is originally $6.99 but it is $4.99 Now! The Pro version has two types which are ‘Unlimited’($16.99) and ‘Subscribe’($6.99 per year). You can Install the watchmaster app directly from the google play store.


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