Samsung Z1 and Z3 Photo Contest, Win Prize worth 500 Rs for your Monsoon Shots

Jul 15, 2016

Here is something of Interest to our Samsung Z1 and Z3 users that are passionate about taking pictures with their Tizen smartphones. Samsung have just launched another of their Photo Contests and this is all about capturing the perfect Monsoon picture.

Photo Contest Rules

  • You will need to register to become a member of the Samsung Tizen Forum.
  • 5 Best pictures get to win 500 ₹ worth Prize.
  • Contest is only open to Z1 or Z3 users in India.
  • Post you Z1 or Z3 Monsoon pics in reply to this thread.



Photos should not be edited using any tools or have any filters applied. You can share links to social media using the hashtag #TizenPhotoContestJuly2016. Goodluck and happy snapping. If you have any great pictures you can also leave a link in the comments section below.

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