Samsung begins Production of Tizen Z2 Smartphone, October 2016 release date

Samsun have started production of their next Tizen smartphone, the Samsung Z2, which will follow in the steps of the Z1 & Z3 devices before it.
Jul 5, 2016

The Samsung Z1 and Z3 have sold quite well since they went on sale last year, reportedly selling over a million handsets, even though they have only been distributed to a limited number of markets so far. Now, According to shipping Information in India, Samsung have started Importing more parts to assemble their next Tizen smartphone, the Samsung Z2. Most likely it will be being put together at Samsung's Noida assembly plant. Our sources have confirmed that we are possibly looking at an October 2016 release date.


The device was initially going to release in 2015 but then hit a delay. Earlier this year our sources did confirm that the Z2 was indeed going to be released this year, and now have updated us to an October timeframe.

This is an Important device for Samsung, their first 4G / LTE device, and could feature a new user Interface but will not ship with Tizen 3.0 as many expect. Details are still a bit scarce about the Z2 at the moment, but it has recently passed its Bluetooth Certification which is a solid indicator that it will be released soon. The next milestone along the release path / journey will be for the Smartphone to pass FCC approval. The only other Information that is known is that it is expected to come with My transfer app and S Bike Mode integrated at launch. This will be a 4G / LTE device with at least 1GB of memory and possibly an AMOLED screen.

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