Samsung Z2 to be Launched in Africa and Southeast Asia markets

Samsung Z2 will be released in India, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria in the second half of 2016.
Jul 28, 2016

According to Industry sources, Samsung Electronics will be releasing their next Tizen based smartphone, the 4G capable Samsung Z2, in the second half of this year. The device will support 8 national languages and will be released in 8 countries which are India, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria. This is a far more aggressive marketing strategy than what was previously used for Tizen smartphones, as the Z3 was only released in India, and the Z1 was released in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. Kenya is building on its existing 2G network to make it 4G capable, with Nigeria also building its own 4G infrastructure.

One of the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for the device is the inclusion of a Remote Assistance feature which is thought to be quite important in Africa and Southeast Asia markets. "It seems that Samsung Electronics to develop appropriate solutions for remote assistance to work from call centers in countries where Z2 will be released," said a korean representative.

Many of these countries have expanding 4G networks that will be ideally suited to the Z2 as the smartphone competition is not as fierce as other more established markets. Samsung will also bring the Remote Assistance feature to the Z1 and Z3 after the Z2 has been released. Industry Insiders believe this could lay the foundation for a testing ground for a Tizen based Internet of Things (IOT) for the African region.

The Z2 will be Samsung's first 4G capable 4G Tizen smartphone with a minimum of 1GB RAM and a AMOLED display. S Bike mode will be Integrated at launch and will assist users when whilst riding a bike or driving. We are still looking at an October 2016 release date.

Keep tuned to Team Tizen for all the Z2 news.

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