Samsung Z2 Documentation Image Leak, The Next Tizen Smartphone

Jul 12, 2016


Samsung Z2 Documentation Leak

We have been talking about the upcoming Samsung Z2 smartphone for a while now and today we have seen some leaked documentation surface that looks like it is part of the official user manual of Samsung's next Tizen based Smartphone. As we exclusively reported earlier this year the device will carry the model number SM-Z200F.

Investigating the image we can see that the screen dimensions would point to it being roughly a 4 inches and the smartphone shares many similarities to the existing Z3 and Z1 Tizen smartphones. The front of the device looks like the Z3, however looking on the back the camera, flash, double SIM, and memory card slots are almost identical to the Z1.


The Z2 is likely to be sold in the same markets as the Z3 which was launched last year (2015) in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. We would hope that Samsung can provide linux mobile OS enthusiasts access to this device in Europe and the US, but don't hold your breath for now.

The story so far

We have seen production start of the device in India from shipping information that we have received. The Z2 has passed its WiFi Certification and Bluetooth Certification which are major steps to it getting released. The only other Information that is known is that it is expected to come with My transfer app and S Bike Mode integrated at launch. This will be a 4G / LTE device with at least 1GB of memory and will possibly feature an AMOLED display.

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