Samsung's SUHD Tizen TV receives positive reviews in Europe and US

Jul 26, 2016

Samsung's 2016 line of SUHD TVs have received quite a lot of positive words around the tech media ever since it was announced at CES 2016, Las Vegas. The company had launched not one or two but a total of 49 TVs at the same time. At the time of writing, Samsung has begun selling the Televisions in most markets and the most recent country to get the new TVs was India. As United States and Europe were among the first wave of markets where Samsung introduced the TVs, positive customer reviews have been flowing in bulk and the word of mouth has also been mostly positive according to several reports.


Samsung's TVs have also been picked as the best product by Netherlands's Consumentenbond and France's Que Choisir consumer magazines. Samsung's TVs picked the top 5 and top 6 slots in the respective magazines hence sweeping away any near by competition.

Among all the SUHD models, the 55KS9000 and 55KS8000 have been rated as the best in the category. Both the models have almost similar hardware specification except for the fact that the KS9000 series features curved display panels while the KS8000 has regular flat ones. Both the panels feature Quantum Dot Display for better color reproduction and contrast and have support for HDR. Apart from the usual Ethernet and WiFi connectivity, the Indian variants even have support for USB internet modems which are extremely mainstream in the country.

The new Tizen based SUHD TVs also double as an IoT hub and talk with other connected appliances in a user's home giving the users a seamless way to control all devices from one place.

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