TipTalk Smart Strap lets you make voice calls with your Gear S2 with just your fingers

Tiptalk smart strap is a technology for your Samsung Gear S2 that lets you make / receive and listen to phone calls using your Smartwatch. Beta is now open.
Jul 20, 2016

InnomdleLab showcased their unique smartwatch accessory- TipTalk, a Smart Strap back in CES 2016. The company got incubated successfully out of Samsung's C Labs and have now taken the startup route to get their product into kickstarter very soon. The company have also announced a referral campaign to expand their popularity by providing free beta samples.

The TipTalk smart strap plays well with most of the current gen smartwatches including the Samsung Gear S2 and the user will have to let go of their current strap to connect this to their watch. The highlight feature of the TipTalk watch is that you can receive calls with it and listen to the other end by just placing your fingers on your ears. The TipTalk might be using bone conduction technology to achieve this which we have seen being used by products like Google Glass in the past. The strap also has a microphone on it to receive your voice.


Apart from connecting TipTalk to a smartwatch, it can also be linked to a regular watch with standard 18~24mm lugs. the band has its own sensors like accelerator and gyroscope to track your step count and display them on the connected Android or iOS device. It even notifies the user about calls and texts by vibration. So if you just need a fitness tracker, the TipTalk can also be worn without a watch. Battery life on the smart strap gives you a 7 days of stand by time and 4 hours of talktime.

The product is currently going into a Beta release phase and we will let you know final release details when we have them.

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