Samsung Z2 Getting Closer to Release, Passes WiFi Certification

Jul 7, 2016

We have been reporting about Samsung's next Tizen based smartphone, the Samsung Z2, for quite a while now. A couple of days ago we reported that Samsung have begun production of the device from shipping information that we have received. Today we have heard that the Z2 has passed its WiFi Certification, another step to it ultimately being released.


As you can see from the above WiFi Certification dated 06 July 2016 the Tizen based product with model number SM-Z200F/DD has been certified for WiFi connectivity b, g, and n. Also we will be getting WiFi Direct and support for Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) and WPA2 Enterprise security standards.

Samsung are hoping that they can build on the success on the Tizen based Samsung Z1 and Z3 Smartphones which have sold quite well since they went on sale last year, reportedly selling over a million handsets, even though they have only been distributed to a limited number of markets so far. Along the launch story for the Z2 we have already seen it pass its Bluetooth Certification and are hoping to see it pass its FCC approval soon.

The only other Information that is known is that it is expected to come with My transfer app and S Bike Mode integrated at launch. This will be a 4G / LTE device with at least 1GB of memory and possibly feature an AMOLED screen.

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One comment on “Samsung Z2 Getting Closer to Release, Passes WiFi Certification”

  1. Hopefully they decide to go the full way to ac WIFI support as this is becoming a much more common standard and is tremendously fast.


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