At the World Nuclear Exhibition 2016 held in Paris between 28 to 30 June 2016, a joint partnership of Samsung Electronics and Intersoft Eurasia fund ‘Skolkovo’ introduced DO-RA Core – a personal radiation exposure monitoring device. DO-RA has been a popular name in this business for a while now, but this announcement seeks our interest as it is now even compatible with Tizen OS based devices starting off from the Samsung Z3.


The DO-RA Dosimeter-Radiometer has a total of three variants. The basic version called the DO-RA. Q, the middle version called the the DO-RA. Uni and the high end version called the DO-RA. Classic.The device connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy and has a companion app running on the smartphone which interprets the data of dose rate of ionization radiation. Such hardware are essential in areas close to nuclear power plants where there is a high chance of radiation leakage.

The DO-RA’s compatibility with the Z3 is yet another step towards Russia’s path to hail Tizen based devices as the default choice for the future having already introduced corporate versions of the Open Source platform for the Samsung Z3 and even porting the OS to Russia’s own Elvees System On A Chip.