Zipt Messenger - Free voice calling app for Tizen

Jul 21, 2016

Popular international communication app Zipt developed by ZipTel Ltd has been called up by Samsung to be the Marquee app for Tizen. With the launch of the next Tizen based smartphones happening possibly as early as next month, Samsung might be gearing up for a major announcement for the Tizen platform which until now has been deficient of apps that are easily available on rival platforms like Android and iOS. The Zipt negotiation could possibly be a part of this announcement. Ziptel are now working with the finest of Tizen Developers to get their app into the Tizen platform.

The Highlight feature of the Zipt app is its low bandwidth technology. People can exchange messages or voice calls free of cost at negligible latency. In addition to this, Zipt also lets you call landlines at minimal cost. With a lack of apps on the Tizen store like we mentioned earlier, the only competition for the Zipt is Whatsapp. With a majority of Tizen smartphone users being Indians where Whatsapp is extremely popular and India ranking poorly in Internet speeds, the duel between the choice of app for free voice calling will be interesting.

ZipTel's CEO, Bert Mondello commented-

"Our overall user acquisition strategy focussed on building Zipt in emerging markets such as the Subcontinent has resulted in this outstanding opportunity for Ziptel. Our presence in these markets meant that we were chosen ahead of the many other communications applications.

Being initially approached and subsequently selected to port to Tizen is another strong third party endorsement of Zipt by a mobile market leader in Samsung. Tizen handsets could not be more perfect for Zipt in terms of geography, mid-tier price point and user demographics. This is no doubt part of the reason why Zipt was chosen. The customer retention and monetisation opportunity of the new Tizen ecosystem is compelling.

As a first mover, we will have a genuine opportunity to contribute to and grow with Samsung's Tizen operating system."

Zipt is just one of the 40 marquee applications, we will get to know about the rest of the apps as time flies.

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One comment on “Zipt Messenger - Free voice calling app for Tizen”

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