DJs and Musicians will like BPM Tap, a Music App for the Gear S2

Aug 15, 2016

BPM Tap is a simple but quite effective metronome app that can be downloaded from the Samsung Galaxy Apps store for your Gear S2. Not only does the app act like a metronome but it also lets you calculate the Beats Per Minute (BPM) of any soundtrack, which a useful feature for DJs and Musicians.


  • Convenient BPM counting app. Quickly find out BPM of a track by tapping to the beat.
  • Metronome beat counting, with four-to-the-floor pattern. The metronome conveniently shows the current beat with the flashing outer ring.
  • Customizable bar counting. Choose the number of bars you wish to count using the rotating bezel. You may choose 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 bars.
  • Vibration feedback. Feel the beat on your hand without looking at your watch. The first beat of every bar is stronger than the other three.
  • BPM syncing features. Quickly sync up the metronome to the beat currently playing.
  • A wide range of colors for your personal taste. A total of 13 different colors to choose from by tapping and holding for two seconds anywhere on the screen. The colors available are: red, orange, yellow, lime, green, turquoise, cyan, sky blue, blue, purple, magenta, pink and white.
  • Perfect for a musician, DJ or any music lover.



  • To determine the BPM, the screen has to be tapped to the beat. The more you tap, the higher the accuracy.
  • Once the beat has been determined, you can use the Lock button to prevent any accidental taps and changes to the BPM.
  • To start the metronome simply press the Play button.
  • The outer ring shows the current beat. The top-most plate is the first beat of a bar.
  • The inner ring shows the current bar. The bar counter cycles, meaning it will fully fill up, and then gradually empty. This allows you to count two times the chosen number of bars intuitively.
  • Once the metronome is playing, and the BPM is locked, you may use the Reset and Sync buttons.
  • The Reset button will reset the current beat to the first bar and beat.
  • The Sync button may be tapped to sync up the metronome with the beat.
  • While the metronome is active, the watch will emit light vibrations in sync with the beat. The first beat of a bar is always represented with a stronger vibration.




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