Flying Cabe-Cabean is a game that is controlled by you repeatedly tapping on the screen, as you would do in flappy bird, to make the on-screen plane go up or down. You control a character called Cabe who wants to fly her plane as far as possible. A simple wish if I’ve ever seen one. You can collect gold to buy more planes and boosters and also collect chilli to improve your skills. When your skill bar is full you tap the skill button. You need to avoid the spike balls otherwise you lose.


  • 8 types of aircraft can be used.
  • Each plane has cool skills.
  • Items to help fly further.
  • Leaderboard
  • Play for free.


The game is only 16.16MB, suitable for all ages, compatible with the Samsung Z1 and Z3, and has been developed using the unity gaming development environment.