Game: Orion Nebula for Samsung Z1 and Z3

Aug 17, 2016

Orion Nebula is a spaceship shooter game in which you confront 14 different types of enemies and also have the envious mission of dealing with unique and challenging attacks, this sounds Interesting! Further you are able to personalise your gameplay experience with a wide range of upgrade options and difficulty ranks. Engage in visually dazzling and atmospheric battles while soaking yourself in adrenanlin-pumping techno music.

The Story

The ship is based on a prototype of a machine called 'Quantum Leaper', made by the National Interstellar Research Center of Singapore. The use of the Quantum Leaper is to travel light years away in a matter of hours. The scientists ( you - the player) would be able to travel to the brightest nebula - the Orion Nebula - in a few months.

Fast forward 200 years later that theory is to be tested. China builds fighter jets along with the Quantum Leaper. Their mission is to find life or reources on other planets. To be safe the jets are equipped with later beams. When the Quantum Leaper take them to the Orion Nebula they find two civilizations. Very soon the two civilizations form an alliance and attack the humans.

You as the pilot of a fighter jet have to try to make it back to Earth.

  • Destroy various aliens that have unique attacks.
  • Personalize your game by upgrading the jet and difficulty ranks.


This game is available to buy in the Tizen Store for $1.50 and is compatible with the Samsung Z1 and Z3 smartphones.


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