Gear 360 camera is hitting stores from August 19th for $350

Aug 3, 2016

Samsung unveiled its 360 degree consumer camera- The Gear 360, a few months ago but it was more of a soft launch since getting hold of one has been extremely difficult and isn't even released in a majority of countries. Yesterday, during the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the company also took time to talk about the Gear 360 after unveiling the new Gear VR. Samsung have now announced that the Gear 360 will be available at its retail partners starting from August 19th for a price of $349.

The Gear 360 sports two 4K recording cameras on either sides which have an individual fov of 195 degree and can capture images at up to 30 MP resolution. The camera supports micro SD cards of up to 200GB which according to Samsung, is enough to record 140 minutes of 360 degree content. The camera also features 1350 mah battery, however it is better to carry a battery pack to record long sessions. The recorded content from the two cameras can only be stitched on Windows or Mac PCs and a handful of Samsung's flagship devices which now includes the Galaxy Note 7 as well.

Users can play back the video on their smartphones directly or use the Gear VR to have a more immersive experience. The Gear VR even plays well with accessories so that you can mount it on your bike, skateboard, etc and share it to the world on Facebook, YouTube,etc.

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