Gear S3 is likely to feature all the sensors needed to keep you fit

Aug 1, 2016

We are just a month away from the Gear S3's official launch but the constant leaks and rumors of the upcoming Tizen based smartwatch are already giving us a clear idea of what to expect. Today's set of leaks come from Sammobile and have given us hints on a few of the sensors the smartwatch is likely going to feature.

The Gear S3 in order to work both as an activity tracker and a smartwatch to rival against the likes of fitbit, apple watch,etc will have to include more than just a regular SOC, and hence the new leaks have hinted us that the smartwatch will feature an altimeter, barometer, speedometer and an embedded GPS sensor.

Samsung de Grisogono gear s3

The altimeter will come in handy for the high altitude sports enthusiasts like hiking,climbing, etc. Users also have access to calibrate the height level with just a single tap on the Gear S3's display. The barometer on the other hand will provide weather forecasting services by measuring atmospheric pressure. Manual calibration is allowed here as well. The smartwatch will also warn users in case of a sudden drop in atmospheric pressure by a margin of 4 hPa in the interval of 3 hours.

The speedometer will keep a track of stuffs like current speed, average speed, distance traveled and time taken. This however, is a battery draining tech as you'll have to keep the GPS turned on either on the connected phone or the smartwatch itself to make it work. The speedometer can even keep logs of previous records which should come in handy for people interested in cycling, skating,etc.

Overall, these features give us an obvious hint that the S-Health app is going to be highly improved from its previous forms and that is something even recent updates to the app have hinted at.

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