LEVEL Active Headsets Makes Exercising More Fun with its Powerful Audio Output

Aug 24, 2016

Samsung has further expanded its LEVEL headset series which already had the LEVEL U, LEVEL U Pro and LEVEL U Pro ANC, with the addition of the Bluetooth-enabled LEVEL Active headset. The LEVEL Active headset is specially designed for exercise and outdoor activities and comes with features that not only makes it fun to use, but also comfortable to put on.

The LEVEL Active headset comes with soft silicon earhooks as well as comfortable wingtips and in-ear eartips which all combine to keep the headphones attached firmly to the ear even while on the move. The silicon earhooks wrap over the entire ear, securing the headphones firmly in place and because it is made of silicon, it is gentle on the ear with no chance of injury. On the other hand, the wingtips which come in two sizes, is designed in the shape of the user's ears so as to securely hold the headphone in place from behind the ear. Furthermore, the in-ear eartips also come in three different sizes which provide a comfortable fit as well as prevent distractions from outside noise.

The LEVEL Active headset is also resistant to splash, thus allowing users to workout without worrying about sweat damaging their precious headset. The resistance is possible because of an ultra-thin P2i protective nano-coating which cover the inside of the headset.

The LEVEL Active headset is also very easy to use and it can be connected to a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone with a long press of the Bluetooth icon on the headset's controller. When the Bluetooth icon is pressed for long, a blue light flashes on the left headphone indicating that the LEVEL Active headset has been connected. You can start utilizing the controller to play/pause audio tracks, change tracks and control the volume once it has been enabled.

The LEVEL Active headset offers more customized functions when paired with the latest version of the Samsung Level app which is available for download on the Galaxy Apps or from Google Play Store. The Level app lets users set features and notifications such as Active key, access user manual, volume control, battery, alerts and messages.

In addition to all that, the Nootification menu enables users control the type of alerts and messages they receive from their phones while using the LEVEL Active headset. This can be done by selecting Settings and then Limit notifications under the settings menu. When this feature is enabled, only alerts for incoming calls and alarms will be received.

The LEVEL Active headset can also monitor its user's workout and this feature can be controlled from the Active key function on the Level app. If the feature is turned on, users can select whether to connect the Clock, Timer or S Health to the headset. When S Health is selected, users can choose whether to record workout information for walking, running, cycling or hiking. The results of the recorded data can be played back by pressing the Active Key on the right headphone.
The LEVEL Active can be charged via a microUSB port which is located on the left headphone which can then be connected to a computer or other charging source and as soon as it starts charging, a red colored LED light on the left headset comes on. The LED indicator changes to blue once the headset is fully charged.

The LEVEL Active headset is available in the US since August 19 and will be available in Europe, China, Russia, Turkey, Korea and other countries soon.

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