A first look at the Gear Manager Beta for iPhone iOS

Aug 27, 2016

Samsung recently opened the gates for the iOS beta program of the Gear Manager app to the general public. Users can finally connect their iPhones (5 and newer on iOS 8.4) with Samsung's Gear S2 smartwatch and the Gear Fit 2. The beta program will be live till September 19 during which Samsung will be taking user feedback to prep for a full version release in the near future. You can head over to the beta sign-up page to join the program and start using your iPhone with Samsung's Tizen based wearables.

YouTuber macfacile who has been testing the Gear Manager app beta on his iOS device and has uploaded a first impression of the beta app which is paired with his Gear S2. Users will be able to receive notifications coming from various apps like Whatsapp, Twitter, etc on their iPhones directly from the Gear S2.

From what we see, the UI hasn't taken any huge makeover from its Android based app. Samsung's S-health services are intact on the iOS app as well. iPhone's calendar (aka iCal) data are synced with the Gear S2. Users can set photos on their phone as watchfaces. Samsung haven't yet made paid apps available in the Gear App Store on the beta app however the free one's can be downloaded and installed on to the watch for time being.

With the launch of the Gear S3 nearing up, Samsung are essentially targeting a large chunk of potential iPhone users to adopt their wearable instead of Apple's own Apple watch or the numerous Android Wear smartwatches available right now in the market. And getting the Gear Manager app ready in time for it will play a major factor.



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