Luxury Watches - Gear S2 3D Watchface Giveaway to 100 Tizen Experts Readers

Great news: Gear S2 3D Watchface Giveaway to Tizen Experts readers. Watchface maker Luxury Watches is giving away 100 copies of Silver Blue Power . Read on:
Aug 27, 2016


Gear S2 3D Watchface Giveaway

We've got some excellent news this morning as Popular watchface maker Luxury Watches is giving away 100 copies of their Silver Blue Power watch face !!! The watch designer has created some new and innovative watchfaces for the Gear S2 which look 3D by using some special effects. The watchfaces have also been programmed to alter brightness depending on external incident light on it.


  • Analog Watch with big seconds arm;
  • Battery indicator arm 0-100% from 17 to 19 h (Power Reserve 0 - 100%);
  • World first RealTime 3D software clockwork;
  • Automatically light brightness correction in scene by light sensor of the whatch;


Grab a watchface NOW

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