Finally the famous game Plants VS Zombies has been released in the Tizen Store. This is an highly addictive game about zombies that are trying to breach your home! You have to plant a variation of 49 plants, that you collect at the end of each level, that fight off the zombies.

How to play

For anyone who doesn’t know how to play, you basically plant plants that shoot, protect or explode. when the zombies are in-sight the plants will start to shoot. There is a special plant, called the Sunflower. This plant is a plant which produces sun, which you use to plant all of those plants that you have / would collect as long as you keep on playing.

There is a mode called adventure mode which has 50 levels and also a mode called survival mode where you just keep on going until you as a player lose. Like us human beings the zombies are all different, you may be tackling a snorkeler, pole-vaulter and more. This feature is brilliant as it makes it more enjoyable to play and will appeal to hardened gamers like me.

Be careful how you use your plants, zombies will eat, run, jump, dance and swim to get to your brains (Ouch).You can open the Almanac to plan your way to victory. At the end of each level you collect coins and may get another pack for a new plant. Using the coins, you can buy a pet snail, power-ups and more.