Real Time 3D watchfaces from Luxury Watches for the Gear S2

Watchface maker Luxury Watches has some interesting new 3D watchfaces for the Gear S2. Use the Gear Manager App to download to your smartwatch.
Aug 11, 2016

Watchface designers have been bringing out some really cool designs to smartwatches like the Gear S2. The coolness however is short-lived as most of these watchfaces fail to mimic a real watch's dial since they lack the 3D depth. Popular watchface maker, Luxury Watches has now come up with some interesting new 3D watchfaces for the Gear S2 that tackle this problem to some extent. The watchfaces use shadows for the hour, minute and second hands to give the feeling of depth.

LuxuryWatches- LW3D-Ts-Silver-Blue-Power-Reserve-RealTime-3D-Samsung-Gear-S2-3

Luxury Watches' watchfaces come in multiple color options and designs of analog watches that try very hard to make you not miss your beloved real analog watch on your wrist. The designer has used JS, HTML5, CSS, WebGL, Tizen SDK 2.4 , Blender 2.77, Blend4Web 16.07, etc to make the watchfaces to blend in the retro looking 3D watchfaces with all the smart features that the Gear S2 has to offer. The watchfaces have been programmed to alter brightness depending on external incident light on it.

LuxuryWatches- LW3D-Ts-Silver-Blue-Power-Reserve-RealTime-3D-Samsung-Gear-S2-2

LuxuryWatches- LW3D-Ts-Silver-Blue-Power-Reserve-RealTime-3D-Samsung-Gear-S2-6

LuxuryWatches- LW3D-Ts-Silver-Blue-Power-Reserve-RealTime-3D-Samsung-Gear-S2-4
The watchfaces are available to download from the Gear Manager app. Take a look at these videos below to see how much the 3D watchfaces appeal to you.



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