Samsung Gear Fit2 now at Verizon stores in the US

Do you want to grab the latest fitness tracker from ? Well the Samsung Gear Fit2 is now available in the US from Verizon stores and online for $179.99.
Aug 6, 2016


Gear Fit2 at Verizon

Samsung initially unveiled its latest fitness tracking wearable device about two months go. Its time to do do more with your watch than letting it tell you the time. The Gear Fit2 updates you to all the fitness information you need at a glance is now available at Verizon stores and online for $179.99 in small or large band size options.


You get a feature packed device that has a heart-rate monitor, gyroscope, barometer, accelerometer, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The built-in GPS enables users to map their runs without needing to carry a phone. It even functions as a standalone music player allowing users to store up to 500 songs which they can playback using a Bluetooth headset.

Advanced fitness tracking

Tracks and records your fitness activities. You can keep abreast of such things as steps and calories burned, as well as the following:

  • Auto Activity Tracking: no need to tell the wearable whether you’re walking or cycling, it just knows.
  • Floors Climbed: tracks ascent of stairs and hikes for a better analysis of activity.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring1: all day heart rate tracking beyond just workouts.
  • Multi-Sport Tracking: select to track cycling, hiking, lunges, crunches and other activities.
  • Map miles with built-in GPS

The Fit2 also has an in-built GPS which means you can actually map your run but do not need to carry you phone around with you. So if you don't have your phone, then how do you listen to music? Well the Fit2 has the ability to store up to 500 songs on your wrist. All you then need to do is pair a Bluetooth headset and your ready to go.

Spec wise It has a 1.5-inch curved Super AMOLED display, a 1GHz dual-core, Exynos 3250 Processor, 512MB RAM, 4GB storage, and a 200mAh battery. Samsung Gear Fit 2 is compatible with any Android smartphone running version 4.4 or higher. If your ready to purchase then head on over to the Verizon website.

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