Samsung To Release Gear S3 Smartwatch On Aug. 31, Slashes Gear S2 Price To $99

Aug 29, 2016


Gear S3 Launching 31 August 2016

Samsung has confirmed via its Twitter handle, that it would be releasing the Gear S3 smartwatch on August 31st at the annual IFA Berlin 2016. The Samsung Gear S3 next-generation smartwatch is expected to change the consumer perception of smart wearable device with the spectacular array of functions the Gear S3 packs.

The Samsung Gear S3 is expected to sport an overhaul of its design from the Gear S2's. The expectations are that the smartwatch will feature a metallic bracelet and fluted bezels around the display which would make the appearance appear shiny. This same fluted bezel is similar to the ones found on Rolex watches and if that should be the case, the Gear S3 design is sure going to have a premium and sophisticated outlook that would make it a crowd puller. Samsung is retaining the round dial design though.

On top of all that, the Samsung gear S3 is expected to run on Samsung's own Tizen Operating System, again ditching Google's Android Wear. In addition, there are speculations that the Gear S3 will sport a display bigger than the Gear S2's, a development that would make for better reading on the multi-function smartwatch.



The Gear S3 is rumored to come in three distinct variants, Gear S3 Classic, Gear S3 Frontier and Gear S3 Explorer and the facts would all be made bare on August 31, hopefully. However, there is no official information as to when the Gear S3 would start shipping after its release but many reports point to October, in time for it to make its mark in the market before Apple releases its Apple Watch 2 scheduled to drop in October.

Gear S2 Super Cheap on eBay

In other news, the Samsung Gear S2, the present generation of smartwatch from Samsung, is now available on eBay for a cheap price of $99.99. The units are actually manufacturer refurbished units of the wearable device and as would be expected, the discount deal has attracted an avalanche of buyers with 431 units already sold on eBay in the last 24 hours. The units are refurbished so there's a 30-day money-back guarantee by eBay attached to the offer. The original price of the Gear S2 presently is $299.99 and the drastic price reduction could also be an indication that the Gear S3 is very much close to hitting store shelves.

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