Samsung Pass Changes Your Mobile Experience & Offers You Top-Level Online Security

Samsung Pass is capable of acting as a master key for mobile banking services or website login on Samsung Internet, which is the default browser for Samsung
Aug 23, 2016

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 flagship with an all new Iris scanner feature which is touted to provide the ultimate level of privacy and security through the Knox platform based secure biometric authentication integrated on the device. The new iris recognition feature conveniently authenticates a user's identity just with a simple glance and instant access is gotten into email accounts and on every online platform where password is required.

Apart from the Iris scanner, the Samsung Pass is also integrated on the fingerprint scanner embedded on the home screen virtual button just under the display. The new Samsung Pass is capable of acting as a master key for mobile banking services or website login on Samsung Internet, which is the default browser for Samsung's Galaxy devices.

Through the use of the iris scanner or fingerprint sensor, Samsung Pass lets users enjoy optimum browsing experience without the stress of inputing an ID or password every time or even without touching their phone. How about that?

You'll agree that passwords sometimes pose as source of headaches for some of us who habitually forget our passwords or other login details, coupled wit the fact that passwords are getting more and more complex by the day because of security issues. But with Samsung Pass, you can log into multiple websites, emails, e-commerce platforms and carry out the simplest and difficult tasks alike without having to remember the passwords for all the websites or spend time inputing passwords.

Before now, Samsung provided Galaxy device users with a Web Sign-in option on the Samsung Internet 4.0 which helps protect a user's identity with fingerprint authentication when logging in to websites. But with the Knox-based Samsung Pass, and the new Samsung Internet 4.2 (available on the Galaxy Note 7), surfing through secure websites with password protection on the Samsung Internet browser has become even easier and safer.

Apart from the ease Samsung Pass brings to login into websites and apps, the feature also allow users use other services requiring biometric authentication such as financial, medical and healthcare. Apart from preventing theft of your identity, it also prevent theft of your hard earned cash by ensuring only your iris unlock sensitive banking transactions such as high-value money transfers. Already some leading financial institutions, having recognised the added security the iris scanning technology brings, are teaming up with Samsung to begin integration of the iris scanner and Samsung Pass featured in the Galaxy Note 7 into mobile banking authentication process.

The potentials Samsung Pass present are numerous and it could eventually replace use of IDs and Passwords all together for third party services like mobile games, and on social media channels. Perhaps someday, it could even security gadgets like key locks we fit on our doors at home, or even ignition keys on cars and there's the potential of IoT gadgets getting activated on switch on with just a scan of the iris.

Samsung Pass is easy to use, all a user need do is to first sign up for Samsung Pass by registering his or her biometric information, which is then coded, encryoted and securedly stored under the Knox security platform. Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) Protocol also provides the key to this encrypted information, thus, enabling online biometric authentication.

The big news is that the Samsung Pass for Web sign-in on Samsung Internet and mobile banking services will be available from August 19 in Korea and is expected to roll out globally gradually

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