Samsung to Release Next Tizen OS Update Soon, New Features On Offer

Aug 23, 2016

Samsung is planning on pushing a new update to its Tizen based smartphones with a whole lot of new features, most of which were suggested by Tizen phone users on Samsung's Tizen community forum. The tech giant says the update was in response to the brilliant suggestions and ideas by users which it says will provide Tizen smartphone users with richer experiences. One of the new features the up coming update will usher in is SMS delivery report, which was hitherto unavailable on Tizen smartphones. This sometimes leave users wondering if their SMS got delivered to the intended recipient. Now that is about to change, as delivery reports will be available after OS upgrade. You-asked-we-listened-Tizen-Smartphones-6  The update will also bring along a new battery notification feature, where you get notified about battery level in order for you to take action and charge the battery. This saves you from the disappointment of discovering your battery has gotten to a critically low percentage without you knowing. This feature will likely be integrated with the Ultra saving mode which Samsung brought along with the Samsung Z2, which may likely be pushed to other Tizen based phones. You-asked-we-listened-Tizen-Smartphones-3  Another feature which would become available on Tizen smartphones when the update starts rolling, is the Outdoor Mode which will become available even when your phone's display screen is locked. So whenever you hit briight rays, you don't need to snuggle up to create some shade in order to change the display setting. The upcoming update will allow users change to the outdoor mode before anything else, even unlocking the phone. You-asked-we-listened-Tizen-Smartphones-4  The new update will also add color to the memo pad and features which enable users personalize their memos. This is taking memo pad app tp the next level. Memos are usually uncreative, boring and filled with black and white texts, but this new feature lets you express your emotions, voice your mood and code your memos with lots of exciting new color options. You-asked-we-listened-Tizen-Smartphones-5 In addition, Tizen smartphone users will be able to change the intensity of their phone's flash light according to their needs. This could become helpful when you're in need the flash light and at the same time running low on battery capacity or when you just need a low beam of light. You-asked-we-listened-Tizen-Smartphones-6Apart from the Outdoor mode which can be activated when the screen is locked, the update will allow you choose what apps to allow show on locked screen. Of course, this is different from the present set up where there are specific pre-installed apps that users are allowed to have access to on locked screen. You-asked-we-listened-Tizen-Smartphones-7That is not all, the update will bring on board a new file selection feature whereby you can at the a go select all the files on the device, either to move, share or delete. Samsung-Z2-7-select-all-Tizen-Smartphone-1Well, this is not a new one but it is hitting Tizen phones soon. That is the ability to set your own custom ringtone different from the pre-installed tones. Samsung-Z2-7-8-custom-ringtone-Tizen-Smartphone-1Samsung is also increasing the size of the SMS bubble, offering wider and bigger viewing space thus making it easier to read SMS. Samsung-Z2-7-9-message-space-utilization-Tizen-Smartphone-1The new update also plans to include a new "Beauty Face" mode that enables Tizen phone user twaek their camera snapshots. This mode will join others already on the camera app. Samsung-Z2-camera-Beauty-Mode-Tizen-Smartphone-1Also coming up with the OTA update is the option of blocking unwanted messages. We all know the annoyance posed by unsolicited messages, especially ads by mobile carriers. This could be a thing of the past with the new option which lets you block numbers you consider as spam. Samsung-Z2-12-block-unwanted-messages-Tizen-Smartphone-1 Furthermore, the new update will now make it possible to change the shift the Installation location of ACL to the SD card in order to save up on internal memory. Samsung-Z2-ACL-SD-card-Tizen-Smartphone-1 Another requested feature is the ability to save text instantly from your web browser straight to the Quick memo app which is a great productivity boost.


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