Samsung Set to Unveil European Edition of Family Hub Refrigerator at IFA 2016

Aug 30, 2016

Korean electronics giant Samsung has hinted that it would be unveiling the European Edition of its highly successful Family Hub smart refrigerator at IFA 2016, held in Berlin, Germany. The twin-door set up of the Smart Fridge which places the fridge on top and the freezer at the bottom is usually the preferred choice of European consumers.

The European Edition of the Family Hub refrigerator features the same Twin cooling PlusTM technology like the original Family Hub which was first unveiled at CES 2016 and launched into the market few months back, precisely in May. The Twin Cooling PlusTM technology cools the fridge and freezer separately, making use of separate evaporators but both ensuring that food are kept at optimal temperature and humidity levels. There's also another technology tagged Precise Chef CoolingTM, which holds temperatures to smaller fluctuations of just ±0.5 degrees. The Twin Cooling PlusTM combines with the Precise Chef CoolingTM to help keep food at their maximum freshness level at the best and steady temperature without allowing the odour on one of the cabins get into the other.

Samsung also included three inner-view cameras on the refrigerator which take photos of the entire compartment and lets users see the interiors when the door is closed, thus there is no need to open the door in order to see the contents inside the Smart Fridge. And indeed this is a Smart Fridge because users can see what is inside the refrigerator at any time and from wherever they are with their smartphone.

In addition, Family Hub owners have the advantage of keeping track of the expiration dates on products stored on the fridge by inputing the record of the number of days their food has got left. The Smart Fridge then takes over from there and automatically displays a count down of the days left. This can be checked on the Fridge's massive 21.5-inch touchscreen through the Food Reminder app which Samsung included on the Smart Refrigerator.

Another feature on the Family Hub  is that users can from the comfort of their homes, conveniently shop for groceries online. Samsung is in partnership with several online shopping services and in Europe they have partners in Eataly, Supermercato24, and [email protected] Family Hub owners also have exclusive access to recipes created by members of Samsung's Club des Chefs, in addition to thousands of recipes from global partners such as All Recipes which is the most doenlaoded recipe app in the world. The Wi-Fi enabled Family Hub also offers access to other recipes app like Whisk and CHEFKOCH.DE.

The massive 21.5-inch touchscreen display which is attached to the Family Hub's door can also function as the family's interactive board and through the Samsung Smart Home app, family members can share photos and memos in real time from whereever they are. The Smart Fridge also lets users synchronize their smartphone calendars and share each other's schedules with thier family through the Sticki app.

That's not all, the Family Hub also offrs options for TV Mirroring and music streaming to play via the built-in speakers it features. This would keep the family entertained even when they are in the kitchen, which is a common gathering spot in the home.

The Family Hub is Samsung’s way of redefining kitchen experiences, thereby taking the idea of smart home products to a realistic pedestal. The Family Hub combines the conventional refrigeration functions of the refrigerator with innovative functions as hub for family communications, entertainment, and smart home services. With these functions, Family Hub transforms the kitchen into an ideal space for family time.

Suh Byung-Sam, Head of Samsung's Digital Appliances business, puts it this way,

“We designed the BMF Family Hub with the needs of European families and contemporary households in mind,”

“By introducing unbeatable technologies and connected features that truly fit European lifestyles in the refrigerator market here in Europe, we plan to continue our number one position.”

Samsung Electronics has got its booth at Level 2 of City Cube Berlin, and the booth will be open from September 2 to September 7 for IFA 2016.


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