In the IT / Mobile world there are many security challenges that we have to face like Tojans, viruses, and the dreaded Malware that spreads like wildfire. In order to fend these off Tizen employs many security features at the Operating System level, but also at the software level.


“According to Intel Security’s McAfee Labs Threats Report–June 2016, there are 305 new threats every minute, or more than 5 every second. New mobile malware grew 17 per cent quarter over quarter in Q1 2016”


Intel Security have announced the Tizen based Samsung Z2 will come pre-installed with McAfee VirusScan mobile security, which is an anti-malware technology solution that helps secure millions of Samsung Galaxy smartphones enjoy a safer mobile experience.


“New customers of Samsung Galaxy Note7 and Samsung Z2 now can enjoy mobile experiences securely with the latest anti-malware solution that Samsung offers,” said Henry Lee, vice president of Mobile Security Technologies of Samsung Mobile. “Security and privacy are at the core of what we do and what we think about every day. It is very important to provide a high level of protection at all times to our customers”


The threat of Mobile malware is something that we can not ignore as it is growing at an alarming rate, as this year alone it has grown 23 percent quarter over quarter in Q1 2016. If that wasn’t enough ransomware has risen by 24 percent in Q1 2016, which is mainly attributed to the relatively low level of skill required to code this type of attack