Samsung Z2 coming to Kenya and other African markets this month

At the Samsung Note 7 event yesterday there was news that the Tizen based Samsung Z2 will be launching in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa this month.
Aug 3, 2016

Yesterday most of the tech news on the web was centred around the unveiling of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. There was however another bit of tech that was also shown off to a limited audience, the Tizen based Samsung Z2 Smartphone. The Z2 is already slated to be distributed in 8 countries that include: India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. Looking at the African countries we would expect South Africa to be the first one to have the device.



Now, according a report by techweez, the Z2 will be unveiled in Kenya on August 26th and has been confirmed as having 1GB RAM, 4-inch AMOLED display, and supports dual-SIM cards. This is an entry level device that will be ideally placed to take on budget Chinese smartphones from brands like Tecno and Infinix.



Below are the first clear pictures of the Z2:




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