WatchMaster have announced an Gear Fit 2 Watchface design contest

WatchMaster has a collection of free and paid watchfaces and have now announced a Watchface Design Contest for the Gear Fit 2. Theme Sports and Dynamic.
Aug 2, 2016

Making the dial on a regular watch is something that's left to the skilled professionals. But in the case of smartwatches that doesn't hold true as the dial is replaced with pixel rich screens and have made way to digital dials that we all now know as watchfaces.

WatchMaster is one such app that has a large collection of free and paid watchfaces to give your smartwatches a new look. Until now, the company has supported Android Wear smartwatches and the Tizen Based Gear S2. Now with the Gear Fit 2 out in the market, it seems like WatchMaster are gearing up to provide watchfaces to it as well as the company have announced a Watchface Design Contest with the theme being 'Sports and Dynamic'.

To get you excited for the challenge, WatchMaster have also announced cash prizes worth over $20,000 to be won for the best entries. The sum is divided as follows for the top entries-

  • Super Watchface: $5.000 x1
  • Golden Watchface: $3.000 x1
  • Silver Watchface: $2.000 x2
  • Bronze Watchface: $1.000 x5
  • New Discovery Watchface: Gear Fit2 x10

The Super and Golden watchface winners will also be handed over with opportunities to join WatchMaster's designer group. You have time until the 31st of August to submit your entries and the result is scheduled to be announced on the 20th of September.

Head over here to submit your entries and here to know more about the contest.

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