Couldn't get a Jio SIM for your Samsung Z2? Here's how you can!

Have you a problem getting a Reliance Jio SIM for your Tizen Samsung Z2 ? Here is what you have to do to get the offer from Reliance Digital / Dx Mini store
Sep 1, 2016

(Note: You can skip to the last part if you are here just to know how to get the Jio sim as mentioned in the title)

The newborn Indian telecom carrier service provider Reliance Jio has become the talk of the town in the country's urban areas. Reliance Jio is currently testing out its service in an open beta manner and during this period, the company has partnered with many smartphone manufacturers to provide 90 days of unlimited of 4G data,voice and sms. Samsung were one of the first companies to partner with Jio and provided its flagship users the Jio preview offer.


The offer, until now has been available to mostly android based 4G smartphones. However, the Tizen based Samsung Z2 comes with the Jio preview offer out of the box. And Jio's official website mentions this in their FAQ section-

All Samsung Z2 users are entitled to be part of Jio Preview offer. Please follow the below steps:

  • Visit Reliance Digital / Dx Mini store with original & copy of Proof of Address (POA), Proof of Identity (POI) and one passport size photograph
  • Submit all KYC documents and duly signed CAF
  • After receiving tele-verification ready SMS from Jio, call 1977 from your Jio SIM to complete the tele-verification process
  • After successful tele-verification, Jio Preview Offer unlimited benefits get assigned to your number

Seems simple. Right? Well that doesn't seem to be the case, however. I went to around 15 different Reliance Digital and Digital Express in Bengaluru stores to claim the sim for my Samsung Z2 and every store personnel answered back saying they needed a "CODE" for Samsung smartphones. The code that they asked for can only be generated on Android based smartphones. Convincing them that there exists a new operating system in the town (especially in India) called Tizen and the code couldn't be generated on it didn't work out well.

So here are the ways in which you could get your Jio sim from Reliace Digital or Digital Express.

  • Take your smartphone box and bill along with you and show the Jio offer printed on the box. And mention that the smartphone is VoLTE enabled.
  • Open the FAQ section of Jio's website from here and show it to the store personnel.
  • Show the Jio preview offer mentioned on Samsung's website for the Z2.
  • Call Jio customer care in front of the store personnel by dialing 1800-88-99999 and explain them that you are not being issued the sim and hand over the call to the store personnel.

And there , everything should be ok now 🙂

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9 comments on “Couldn't get a Jio SIM for your Samsung Z2? Here's how you can!”

  1. i was able to get the bar code in my samsung z2 after uninstalling the jio app several times and alas finally the bar code came after giving the first name last name mobile no and they sent u the otp number generate it n get the code , the mobile set also came with the green sim card

  2. Now Samsung Z2 can generate the barcode for Jio. It has been updated.
    But Tizen Z2 users don't need to generate any barcode. Go with your sim card packet, Aadhar card and photograph to jio digital store.

  3. I am having same problems. I saw ad by Samsung people in Eenadu daily , main edition on 07/10/2016 and bought samsungZ2 from Samsung Smart cafe, Naimnagar, Hanam Konda, Warangal, Telangana,. They said they won't take risk of giving Jiuo sim card and all. They told me to go to Reliance stores. I went to Reliance Digital Stores , Kakatiya University cross Roads show room. They said I should generate Barcode on my own! I said this is new phone. I came here to take jio sim for this peace. I don't have any other sim and internet facility of other companies to get barcode. They did not listen. I went to another Reliance Store in Hanamkonda Chowrastha. They too told me I had to generate Jio sim and come to them for jio sim! I went to another reliance shop, He said that Samsung Z2 phone has SEPARATE JIO SIM CARDS which are in cream colour pockets. These Samsung Z2 phones have different way of Jio sim activation process and he asked me to the same Samsung Smart Cafe ( Naim Nagar, Hanamkonda) people who "sold" the piece to me, once again!! Until now I did not any get Jio Sim nor barcode!!
    I am ready to give phone details:
    Satyam Mobiles (Samsung Smart Cafe)
    Main Road, Kishan Pura
    Invoice no. 763
    Dated 8 Oct 2016
    Sm Z200 Black
    Paid Rs 4,600.00
    company's VAT TIN 36884747026
    How Unfortunate is this kind of experiences!?

    1. Hi, Can you update your my Jio app and generate a barcode?
      If not, reach out to your nearest official Samsung store along with your box and invoice and ask them to call your nearest Reliance digital store infront of you.
      Here in Bangalore, Reliance is now issuing Jio Sims to Z2 without any barcodes, but many users are reporting that the My Jio app's updated version let's you generate a barcode.

  4. Bought Samsung Z2 - Jio Sim Doesnt Work - Jio Executive tried his best - But he told Jis mai chala us mai chala - Nahi chala to nahi chala - After Listening this - I felt like a sales man selling headfones on road told me that - Sahab yeh chala to chand tak warna raat tak - lol - Sim is still lying with me of no use..

    1. give review here not work i think we all need to raise this issue in the tizen community


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