Game: Badminton Stars & Wonder Zoo & Burger Champion for Samsung Z1 / Z2 / Z3

Sep 9, 2016


Badminton stars

Have fun playing Badminton Stars! A challenging and fun badminton game on your mobile that you will hopefully enjoy. The game features tournaments for you to win, fun and cool character customizations and many more. The game has good graphics / sound and plays smoothly. The game features tournaments for you to compete in, character customizations and more and is compatible with the Samsung Z1 and Z3 Tizen smartphones.


Wonder Zoo: Animal and Dinosaur Rescue

Poachers are threatening animals of the wilderness. You as a player have to rescue the animals. There are 7 maps, including the savannah to find endangered animals and take care of them in your zoo and help them breed. You can get loads of items to build your zoo and give your visitors a great experience.


Burger Champion

Burger Champion is about stacking and eating burgers. Yum! The Stacking Challenge. Create you own burger combination by stacking slices. The taller your burger the better, your burger will prescribe your prizes.

  1. Tap to drop a slice and the two buns.
  2. Each slice gives you estimated time and money you will get when you eat.
  3. The higher your burger, the harder challenge you will get next time and a better price on the next level.


Once you have finished stacking your burger, all you have to do is eat.

  1. Tap to eat your burger. But be careful if you eat too much without a drink, you will choke.
  2. You will get money depending on the slice that you've eaten.
  3. If you eat too fast you will choke.
  4. You need to eat the entire burger before the time runs out.



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