Game: Sniper Ops for Samsung Z1 and Z3 now available in Tizen Store

Sep 4, 2016

If your a gaming fan that loves a good shoot 'em up then possibly Snipe Ops 3D might 'hit the spot'. The game is developed by Modern Alchemists and is possibly one of the best examples of a 3D shooting game that I've seen on the Z3.

You are provided with a picture of the target, who might be ready to commit a crime, and you need to take the bad guys out. In the game you can zoom in and out of your scope by moving the bar on the right hand-side of your screen that happens to works really well and smoothly.


"Use your tactical skills and aggressive killing skill to fight the global war of terrorists and become the ultimate sniper shooter"



  • Ultra realistic 3D sniper shooter game with stunning modern 3D graphics.
  • Just the right sniper rifles and assault rifles every contract assassin needs.
  • Unlock and upgrade your killing weapons (including the legendary dragunov!).
  • Over 150 missions in total, including helicopter and humvee-based operations!
  • Improve your skills and earn some cash in great contract side missions.
  • Cool animations (juicy death animations).
  • Focus for the headshot to earn extra points and cash.
  • Designed with the best modern techniques and modern combat style.
  • Superficial 3D physics.
  • Addictive and classic shooting games game-play.
  • Fair in-game ecosystem: this game is free to play!
  • Play anywhere! No internet connection required. Just give it a shot!



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