Next Huawei Smartwatch Could Run Tizen, not Android Wear

Sep 28, 2016

Today, we are hearing some news that Huawei is said to be developing smartwatches that will run Tizen! According to JoongAng Ilbo, a South Korean daily newspaper published in Seoul, Huawei are currently working with Samsung to deploy the operating system in its next smartwatches.

Huawei was one of the first first members of the Tizen Association that consisted of 12 companies, that were Fujitsu , Huawei , Intel , KT Mobile , LG U+ , NTT DoCoMo , Orange , Panasonic , Samsung , SK telecom , Sprint, and Vodafone. Huawei has wanted to increase its focus on China and Western Europe and so has been increasing their investment in software Research and Development in order to be more globally competitive.  The local daily quoted a Samsung official as saying, “Huawei was looking for an Operating System (OS) other than Google’s Android as the US firm had not been very collaborative.” They further continue to say that Samsung will cooperate on a Tizen based Huawei smartwatch.

The fact that you are unable to customise Android Wear is something that has always been an issue for Huawei. Yang Yong, Huawei’s Vice President of Product Management, citing the company’s own market research, suggests that consumers are looking for more unique features with their smartwatches. Users want to customise their device to look like a non-standard device.

One of the main issues that a new OS faces, against platforms likes iOS and Android, is the need for a large app ecosystem. Having Huawei onboard would create more Tizen wearable devices in the market and would therefore make it a more attractive proposition for developers to create Tizen apps.

Samsung at the moment is making good progress with Tizen based Smartphones, having released the Samsung Z1, Z3, and Z2 devices. The Z2 is currently available in India, South Africa, Indonesia, and Nepal, with more markets to be targeted soon.

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