Infographic: Gear S3 Brings Completeness to Samsung Gear S Collection

If you want to compare the Gear S2 and Gear S3 smartwatches then an Infographic is a good way to see the technical specifications. New watch and new specs.
Sep 4, 2016

Samsung unveiled the Gear S3 smartwatch a few days back and indeed the elegant smartwatch fuses high-class watchmaking craft with mobile innovation, thus bringing a sense of completeness and perfection to the Gear S series. The Gear S collection already boasts of a diverse array of unique designs ranging from the Gear S2 to the Gear S2 classic and now with the Gear S3 frontier and Gear S3 classic, the options get even more diverse.

If you don't know, the Samsung Gear S3 is available in two versions; the Gear S3 frontier and Gear S3 classic, both looking cool. While the Gear S3 classic adopts a calm, elegant, classy look, the Gear S3 frontier exudes a rugged, yet attractive look. They both are made of durable materials which combine form and function aimed at enhancing consumers' unique lifestyle.

Aside the sturdy metal build, there is Gorilla Glass SR on the screen alongside IP68 certification which enables the smartwatch to function in extreme environments. In addition, Samsung's Tizen OS provides the interface, while a Full Color Always On Dislay complements the physical aesthetic looks. The stand-out feature on the Gear S3 duo, however should be the MST technology Samsung packed on the Gear S3 frontier and Gear S3 classic. The MST technology gives users access to Samsung Pay service just about anywhere, so you don't have to walk around with a heavy wallet in your pocket.

Here's a line-up of the Gear S series smartwatch collection. You'll agree the Gear S3 launch hasn't made the Gear S2 lose its appeal.

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