Kaspersky Lab Announces Security solution for Tizen-based Internet of Things

Sep 25, 2016

Russia-based Kaspersky Lab has announced that it has developed security solutions for mobile devices and Internet of Things (IOT) running on the Tizen operating system.

IOT has emerged as one of the fastest growing areas of the IT market and based on projections from various research institutions and IT companies around the world, the Internet of Things (IOT) infrastructure will integrate around 200 billion devices worldwide comprising smartphones, computers, household appliances, automobiles and several electronic items.

In Kaspersky home country Russia, the IOT sector is just starting to emerge in recent years, but stakeholders are already tinkering on the need to develop new security products that are relevant to the sector. Recent experiments and studies have revealed how hackers and attackers have been trying to reconfigure the IOT devices. The security product is thus to be focused on protecting against the kind of attacks IOTs are vulnerable to.

Kaspersky on its part had been studying the cyber-security of Internet of Things for long. The non-profit initiative Securing the Smart city, Kaspersky has carried out series of trials that test the vulnerability of smart devices used in the urban infrastructural framework such as CCTV camera and traffic sensor.

Also, as a member of the Samsung-backed Tizen Association of Russia, Kaspersky Lab has been working on the creation of a formidable platform for IOT devices running on the Tizen OS. This security solution is expected to roll out to corporate customers first who may need it more.

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