'My Money Transfer' App Brings mobile banking services on Samsung Z2 without Internet

Sep 8, 2016

One of the amazing app which comes pre-loaded on the Tizen powered Samsung Z2 in India is the "My Money Transfer" app. The application is a money transfer app that lets Z2 owners transfer money using Account number and IFSC. The 'My Money Transfer" app also lets Tizen Z2 users check their Account balance and mini account statement right from their mobile phone.

Presently, the app is supported by nine banks in India, which include, Axis Bank, Canara Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Indian Bank, State Bank of India, Syndicate Bank, Vijaya Bank, Yes Bank. If you currently bank with any of these banks and wants to use the amazing app, all you need do is register for mobile banking with your bank, that is if you've not registered.

The app comes with enormous benefits, the Knox platform on which the Tizen OS is build ensures your account and other financial details are safe. All data stored in the application is secured with 128-bit encryption The app itself also comes with two layers of security and works all round the clock.

Moreso, the app works even when there is no Internet available, it doesn't even require Internet because it uses USSD channel which works on GSM mobile network. This should come in very handy in areas  where there are no Internet connectivity. In addition, the "My Money Transfer" app comes with support for multiple regional languages, which makes it easy to use by non-English speakers.


  1. Instant money transfer: The application works 24x7 and transfers money instantly using IMPS
  2. No internet required: The app works over USSD channel which works over basic GSM mobile network
  3. Security - Two layers of Security


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