Neonto adds Tizen wearables onto its bandwagon for easy app designing

Sep 10, 2016

The common problem most app developers face while making an app is the designing the UI. With screen sizes varying from smart wearables to smartphones and tablets, the process becomes more complicated. Neonto is one such company that provides an easy tool to design apps with a neat and well laid out UI. Neonto is now bringing their services to the Tizen based Samsung Gear S2, S3 and Gear fit 2.



The Neonto Studio has the necessary tools to make "smart layouts" for making the designed apps adapt to different screen sizes like thte circular gear S2 and S3 or the rectangularGear Fit 2. The apps can also scroll through multi page layouts by either swiping or using the rotating bezels on the Gear S2 and S3.

The project is generated in native C language, so it’s very efficient and lightweight. There is no extra framework involved, and the generated code only includes the necessary building blocks for this app. Note that Neonto’s exported code doesn’t use HTML5. This ensures the best performance on wearables.

The Neonto studio will also help in developing the smartphone side of the application along with the added data sharing functionality to keep the wearable and smartphone in sync.



You can download Neonto studio for free from here and start building apps for your favorite Tizen wearable.

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