PepeLine is a 3D puzzle game that will get you addicted instantly

Sep 28, 2016

The quality of games on the Tizen store in comparison to the games available on its close rival Android has been pretty poor until now. However, in the recent times we have seen some of the big names like Gameloft bringing some of their popular games on to the Tizen platform. In addition to this, Samsung and Unity had also recently announced a game challenge for experienced developers to bring their games on to Tizen.



PepeLine is a new game on the Tizen store which, until now seems to be doing very well judging by its 4.3 stars rating. The app is being distributed under Chundos Studio and weighs just about 24 mb. I got the game running on my Samsung Z2 and the game launched without any problem like faults,heating, lag,etc.

PepeLine is a 3D puzzle based game that is certain to get you addicted in no time. The game's plot revolves around two characters Pepe and Line (of course) who are separated by jumbled stones. All that we have to do is fix the path between them and watch them cuddle together. The catch here you ask? You will be receiving stars depending on the number of moves you make to get Pepe and Line together. For example, of the taget number of moves is 5, you will be getting all the three stars if you solve the puzzle under within that limit, a 2 star for 6 moves and a single star for anything beyond that.


The game might carry inspiration from many other puzzle games, however what makes PepeLine stand out from the rest is its simple but entertaining 3D animation, appealing colors and very responsive UI. These are traits that have a high value in small smartphone games and PepeLine seems to have perfected it.


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