Samsung & Ascendia Partners to Feature Dacobots eLearning games on Tizen TVs

Smart TV owners, Ascendia has teamed up with Samsung to bring eLearning games to the EduPedia app on Tizen TV right from its edutainment portal.
Sep 9, 2016

If you own a Tizen-powered Samsung smart TV or hope to buy one soon, then this news should get you elated. Samsung has teamed up with eLearning company Ascendia to bring eLearning games to the EduPedia app on Tizen TV right from its edutainment portal.

Ascendia announced the partnership and already the pilot program is now running in Romania. This isn't going to be an elephant project, so you don't have to worry, it'll in the long run hit every house with Samsung Smart TV in it. The educational content of the Dacobots portal is available in English biut in coming months, many additional languages will be added. According to Ascendia, the relevant content can be found under the "Dinobots Kindergarten" and "Dacobots School" sections in the Tizen EduPedia application.

If you are at a loss as to what the Dacobots portal is all about, here's the answer. The Dacobots portal is a platform to train and educate the new generations in a modern environment, by taking into account the latest technological advances and the passion that kids have for digital technologies. Kids love watching TV, so it is just right that the medium is used to efficiently capture the kids’ attention and pass across the information.

The Dacobots portal provides a wide range of educational games that are meant to enrich the knowledge of the users and to enhance their cognitive abilities in an entertaining way. The world of the Dacobots is a world of tomorrow, of technology, a world where education and entertainment intertwine. The educational content is related to many subject matters which are presented in accordance with the latest scientific discoveries.

You can catch a glimpse of the 4 eLearning games which is accessible on Tizen 2015 and 2016 Generation TVs from down below:

Each game is divided into 3 sections: Discovery, Knowledge Strengthening and Summative Assessment. The following serves as an example:

In order to access the content on their Smart TVs, users must ensure they download the Samsung “EduPedia” app from the Romanian Store and then select one of the 4 titles made available.

As stated earlier, the service will roll out in other countries in coming months, and would further show the versatility of the Tizen operating system which Samsung's Smart TVs run on.


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