Samsung Gear 360 Pro plus iOS-based Gear 360 App coming soon

Sep 16, 2016

Samsung first unveiled its Gear 360 camera at the MWC 2016 along with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. The Gear 360 is Samsung's first consumer-grade 360-degree camera and its has proven to be a fans favorite, even though the camera was only recently released in just a couple of markets around the world.

News filtering in indicates the tech giant is working on a new 360-degree camera, this time dubbed Gear 360 Pro. It is also rumored that the Gear 360 Pro may likely be launched alongside next year's Samsung Galaxy S8 flagship. We had heard speculations earleir on that Samsung may release the Galaxy S8 at a early date in order to help get over the Galaxy Note 7's mishap.

The Tizen-based Gear 360 Pro is likely to bring improved image and video quality and lot more features than the Gear 360 offered. However, the exact features that the smart camera would pack is shrouded in uncertainty at this point.

In a related news, Samsung is also said to be working on an iOS version of the Gear 360 Manager App which only works on just a few high-end Samsung Galaxy devices at the moment. There's being a modified version of the 360 Manager app, though, but it is an unofficial one. But the South Korean smartphone giant is said to be bringing iOS support for its 360-degree cameras so iPhone owners can enjoy the awesome capabilities of the Gear 360 camera. A beta version of the Gear Manager app for iPhones was recently outed by Samsung, bringing iOS support for its Tizen-powered Gear S-series smartwatches and fitness trackers.

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